Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saving Face

Interesting stories in the past week. A few of those days featured Paris prominently… which shouldn’t surprise me, but it annoys me. Not because I dislike Paris Hilton, not because I dislike rich girls, not because I dislike infamous people… but, because the story lacks the importance of good old news. Even a bleeding lead would be better.

That said, unlike a lot of folks I have heard from I don’t wish her ill. A person a work actually cheered and pumped his fist in the air after hearing the news that Paris was going back to jail. I’m not sure that’s anything to celebrate. It certainly isn’t anything to protest for or against. She drove twice on a suspended license… and the punishment is jail time. Okay… it is what it is.

Now she’s come out with a change of heart… she’s grown up. At least that’s what she says. Maybe she’s putting up a new act. I can almost hear the rich-haters right now… something about public charity, any publicity is good publicity, and that she’ll say anything to get off the hook. Let us assume that the nay-sayers are correct… so what?

In fact, it is about time that a celebrity (or more accurately, a famous person) at least mouths these sentiments in public. Too often we hear other excuses or apathy. If she is saying these things because she simply believes (or was told) this is what the ordinary people believe in and respect good, redemptive behavior then GOOD! That at least means someone out there has an idea of what is good and what is bad.

We’ve just assumed that this is yet another act… a convenient lie to gain attention and possibly get out of jail before the full sentence is done. Now let us assume the position of hopeful Americans… what if she’s sincere?

For Paris Hilton to say she will not use the Dumb Girl act any more is a huge relief. Who better to criticize Dumb Girl behavior than a pretty, wealthy, dumb girl? Maybe that idea will sink into the heads of other Dumb Girls (and, more importantly, the parents of Dumb Girls).

Let’s hope she’s a prodigal daughter, come home. Don’t get me wrong… this could still be another act (not an unlikely possibility). We need to trust, but verify (as one of my presidents said). But a little hope might help. The hope might not help Paris Hilton, but that hope might help any number of spineless parents.

Who am I kidding? Folks are upset that we didn’t SEE Tony Soprano come to an end (one way or another) in Sunday’s finale. I’m asking too much here.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Selfish Sports Fans

(Maybe I should just say: Selfish)

A couple of guys started chatting about football and sports games while at work. One guy insists that regardless of who shows up, he gets excited and into the game so he should get to swear loudly and publicly.
“Leave the kid at home. This is sports.”

He’s originally from Europe, so you know that has some factor in this equation. Seriously. Not that he is a football hooligan, but… you know.

I presume that since this public event entertains adults, why not more public nudity? Lap dances? Public sex? Public urination? (After all, there are not enough stalls and urinals, especially for women.) More binge drinking? (And more public vomiting to follow.) Why not some more brawls… forget the guys on the hockey rink, I’m talking about fat, ugly, face-painted fans with 1986 haircuts. The guys who think a short-sleeved, three-button shirt with a logo of their favorite sports team embroidered on it amounts to dressing up in public. Hey, you dumb jagoff… Ted Kennedy called. He wants his civilized manner back.

Really? Say anything in public? Kids shouldn’t be at sports games? It’s a public event… families and kids are not restricted from getting tickets.

No one says folks get ejected for swearing. Of course, unless you are a selfish lout with habitual boorish behavior and a thin skin when it comes to polite rebukes and requests you should try to cool it.

Something’s going to bother you. Cheering for the other team? Insults about your team? Cheers when your sports hero suffers an injury? Insults about your mother? Chances are that a guy who gets pissed off because a family asked him to lighten up on the effenheimer while around his kids will also get pissed off if you tell him, “Favre sucks!” or “the Wild sucks!” or “Your favorite band sucks!”

(By the way, your favorite band does suck!)

I’m sure someone will miss the point here. I almost look forward to it (again).

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