Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guilty Admission: Yogurt

Folks at Caribou Coffee... just so you know (not that you read blogs, much less my blog), the blueberries in your yogurt are suuub-standard. Not that they need to be fresh, but they were almost chewy. I believe the outer skin was replaced with something akin to a gummi-bear... and not in a good way.

Uh, yeah, I like yogurt. Even before I started eating The Boy's baby yogurt. (That pear yogurt is brilliant!) I really went to town on the custard-style yogurt... either vanilla, raspberry, or peach.

Uh, yeah, in case anyone is wondering, I've eaten quiche before, too.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ely Six Update

Thanks to a couple of kind visitors who have regularly commented on the subject (and often provided me with links), we now have the beginning of the end to last year’s story of the Ely Six jackasses. According to one commenter, Jay Olson may get sentenced in August, however, the so-called ring leader (or dork leader or alpha-moron) now pleads guilty, but to lesser charges.
Fifth man in BWCAW shooting spree pleads guilty

Lakner pleaded guilty to felony aiding and abetting terroristic threats; felony aiding and abetting harassment with a firearm; felony aiding and abetting possession of an assault rifle by a minor; misdemeanor aiding and abetting theft; and misdemeanor reckless discharge of a firearm.

Judge Kenneth Sandvik accepted the plea. State statutes call for a mandatory minimum sentence of at least three years in a state prison for the felony firearms charge, although exceptions can be made.

(Courtesy: Duluth News Tribune online)

His sentencing is set for August 11... and apart from that detail, that pretty much wraps up this case.

I hope they all straighten up. You've got to hope they straighten up. The kids probably shamed their families, and certainly worried them. What parent wouldn't be worried after hearing their kid used weapons to terrorize a bunch of Earth-muffins?

This makes me wonder if one or more of those guys don't have their fathers actively in their lives. Purely an assumption, one that would rankle any or all of the fathers. But these kids, for they are barely adults and seem to have displayed none of the judgment and maturity that usually goes with adulthood, were running around with (apparently) an unrelated man in his mid/late-thirties. Sure, I could be wrong, but that smacks of guys in search of a father figure.

And that adult male was unfortunately a guy who thought it would be a good idea to get drunk (on bad beer), boat around, shoot off guns, destroy someone else's property, threaten strangers, and generally terrorize campers.

Talk about the blind leading the blind. At least those kids can claim ignorance through youth.

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