Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday, Vacation, Torture

We begin our season of goodwill, humility, family, reverence, solemnity, and good cheer. How? With a family vacation… guaranteed to raise tempers, test patience, and dampen the mood at least once.

I love my family, as most people love their families. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else… mostly using the theory “better Devil you know”. Aside from that, they are good folks. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t see an annoying argument, a bad mood, a conflict of schedules, or a disagreement on plans as a distinct possibility. There will also be the extra long wait at the airport… both to and from home. The flight itself might get annoying, too. Who am I kidding? It definitely will get annoying.

In addition to that “glass half-empty” view, I also have another reason to grimace. Regardless of how long or short the trip lasts, vacations always run one day too many for me. I love my home. I appreciate my weekly routine. I want the luxury of my bed, my stuff, and my local options. I even enjoy the weather. So, that last day is utterly wasted. I don’t want to be in the Not Home place… I want my ass home.

Of course I want to get away for a while, especially over a holiday like Thanksgiving. A few days of warm temperatures and some steady sun ought to give me a little boost. I just look forward to getting home. Why bother taking a vacation in the first place? You really appreciate your surroundings when you get home.

If you hate your home town then why are you merely taking a vacation as opposed to moving out? You know the types… folks who love to complain, bitterly, about the weather, about their family, about their job, about their neighbors. Get the Hell out of Dodge, dumbass. Hell, just move across town, just out of town, to another county, or even to another state… anywhere but in the place you so desperately hate.

In any case, I’m getting some time away. The Boy comes with, which ought to be wonderful on the whole balance… because we’re going to a Disney theme park. Let’s face it, he’s going to bust a vein in his forehead. I don’t even need to do anything, just watch him and take pictures.

Yet, I’m just a kid at heart and can’t wait to see what is new. Hopefully, there’s a Pixar tribute somewhere in the joint. There’s an Indiana Jones stunt demonstration that my wife and I saw several years ago… whether it is still there, updated, or trimmed down we want to see it again.

I’m certain that my most treasured moment may come to a premature end by the sudden change of mood by the Boy when he realizes that it is time to leave and go back to the hotel… or worse, go back home.

That cannot occupy my attention the whole time… I’d never enjoy anything that way. I might as well just brace for “impact” from my parents, my sister, my wife, or even my nephew. That’s no way to live. It’s certainly no way to vacation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back From the Dead

Months go by with a major election in the forefront of peoples’ minds (or at least not entirely pushed to the back of peoples’ attentions) and nary a peep from a big-mouthed wop. All of August, September, October, Halloween, Election Day, and the first third of November.

Either that shows amazing restraint upon my part or amazing irresponsibility on my part as a blogger. Let’s call it both.

Thanks to our veterans and soldiers serving abroad.
“Sergeant, you’re out of uniform!”

“Sir, yes, sir! I’m following orders, sir!”

“What the Hell kind of orders are you talking about, soldier?”

“I’m serving a broad, sir.”

“You’ll knock off the smart-ass bullshit if you know what’s good for you. Now drop and give me twenty!”

“With respect, sir, should I start over or continue where I left off?”

Veterans and soldiers serving at home and overseas… my gratitude and thanks.

In any case, I enjoyed a remarkable summer, worked with my Old Man a little, spent time with The Boy, goaded a foaming left-leaner with whom I am acquainted, visited folks from high school, saw some faces I haven’t seen in many years, and voted.

The campaigns finally finished. We know our next President. While his general policies and ideas don’t bring me much rest, the fact that we know the results brings a certain peace of mind.

I can’t help but think back four and eight years ago when certain left-leaners went bonkers and took leave of their senses… Sore losers wanted nothing to do with W, going so far as to use “Not My President” as a slogan. About four yeas ago, one of my very good friends likened one of Bush 43’s administration as a guy who licks poop from Cheney’s ass. In spite of his less than sterling political analysis, he really is a good guy.

What about now? Should I get behind a little turnabout? Surely, posting a “November 6, 2012” bumper-sticker would be comparable. Maybe emphasize the word Mister when saying “Mister Obama”?

Aside from sounding like a petulant high school jackass, I wouldn’t say that because the man will become my President starting on Inauguration Day. Period.

We’re Americans, damn it. Folks need to drop this childish nonsense. This isn’t like voting for Prom Queen. This is the Presidency of the United States of America. Vote or don’t vote, but the guy’s our President starting January 20th next year.

Apparently, we have some dissenters on my side of the aisle who already declared words that essentially say Senator Obama will not be their President. That attitude is simply anti-American.

I suspect a good percentage of those folks merely want to voice their opposition in the strongest possible terms. To be honest, saying the guy isn’t your President for those reasons is like calling someone a racist or a fascist who isn’t either a racist or a fascist. What happens when someone comes along who fits the bill? You’ve already watered down the requirements for declaring a President-Elect to not be your President.

Grow some stones, jackasses. We’ve got standards… and we’re going to show the eternally offended folks from the party that clings to tolerance and diversity (as long as it suits their agenda) what the words Loyal Opposition means.