Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Did You Expect?!?!?!

James Lileks starts off today's Bleat with a "duh!" comment for those disappointed 'bout the new pope.

I have no stake in the matter of who’s the Pope – or do I? Choose a cardinal who issues a homily titled “On the Need to Gas Grandpa When He Starts Crapping Himself” – I’m sure it would sound better in Latin – and this might have an impact on the society where I hope to find myself in 30 years. The selection of Ratzinger was initially heartening, simply because he made the right people apoplectic. I’m still astonished that some can see a conservative elevated to the papacy and think: a man of tradition? As Pope? How could this be? As if there this was some golden moment that would usher in the age of married priests who shuttle between blessing third-trimester abortions and giving last rites to someone who’s about to have the chemical pillow put over his face. At the risk of sounding sacreligious: it’s the Catholic Church, for Christ’s sake! You’re not going to get someone who wants to strip off all the Baroque ornamentation of St. Peter’s and replace them with IKEA wine racks, okay?
Nicely put, Mr. Lileks... how about a nice refreshing Jubel? Can, bottle, or from the fountain? Read the rest of that section as it is quite good... for a non-Catholic. ;)

Wow, lots of Pope stuff. I'm Catholic, but I never thought I'd write this much Catholic stuff. It must be like chatting about baseball around the World Series.


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