Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Strib Letter: Mistakes Don't Count

Yet another letter from a Star-Tribune reader who wishes to prevent the public from voting on local and/or school district matters. Is there any other kind of person who reads the Star-Tribune?
Did you abstain?

Let's have a simple rule on voting on abstinence-only sex education. Only if you practiced abstinence yourself may you vote for it or veto any law that doesn't try to enforce it. All those in favor, say "Aye!"


Fred might be a marketing consultant, so he might very well be qualified to live up to his rule. He might be a regular reader of the New York Times... if so, he's a wanker.

I wonder if Fred wants similar laws... for example, you cannot vote to strengthen sentances for thieves unless you've been a thief yourself. You cannot vote for pay raises for police or fire fighters unless you are a policeman, fire fighter, or an experienced and certified payroll expert. You cannot vote on school curriculum regarding evolution if you are in fact have clear evidence showing that you are indeed evolved beyond the level of writing damn-fool letters without reason or sense to the Star-Tribune.



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