Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Delighting in Someone Else's Misfortune

You know folks who possitively burst with joy at the thought or sight of someone else's misfortune. Certainly, it isn't the most gracious of traits... but even I get this feeling. I'm sure most of us do.

An employoment test disqualified me from the possition I was gunning for. (It was not a drug test... I would have aced that. However, a gin & tonic or a screwdriver test might not have worked in my favor.) Recently, I learned that twelve other applicants took the test... and only two passed! I instantly felt soooooo much better. It clearly doesn't get me the job I wanted, but my wounded ego has mended slightly. ;)

In any case, Byron York has a column (actually an extract from his new book) on today's National Review Online. Today, York looks at the lagging ratings of Air America. Whoo-hoo!

Okay... I'm a fairly conservative guy. I started listening to Joe Soucheray on Garage Logic at AM 1500 KSTP (and Joe's columns in the St. Paul Pioneer Press), this led to listening to Rush Limbaugh, Jason Lewis (when he was Minnesota's Mr. Right... he's now Carolina's Mr. Right), Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham (say a prayer for her), Walter E. Williams, and so many more. So, that clearly paints a picture for you. ;) I probably gives you an idea of how often I want to listen to Air America. I used to find Al Franken funny when he was on Saturday Night Live in the 70's (The Franken and Davis Show segments)... when I was nine. I liked Janeane Garofolo in "Mystery Men". Regardless of how I am entertained, their political and social philosophy do not amuse me. I used this phrase elsewhere (in a different context), "It would be funny if it were not so telling."

Actually, I don't get much joy out of the fact that Air America is in the tank... I do take pleasure in knowing that the political ideas and beliefs of Air America are not getting ratings. Maybe the Air America brigade didn't think they would succeed either. Perhaps they merely wanted to use a talk radio format to help defeat Bush. I suspect that might be true to a certain degree. If I am correct in this thinking, I only have one question... "How's that working out for you?" :D

Oooh, oooh, oooh! Another column in NRO where I can delight in someone else's misfortune! Myrna Blythe comments on a NY Times piece about Katie Couric dropping in the ratings... and that she's a vicious, raging harpy.

What the Hell? Why not one more? It's not really someone's ill fortune... but it's always fun to see GFB rip Maureen Dowd and her writing. Check out I Disagree With Maureen Dowd... certainly check his recent repsonse to her "Uncle Dick and Papa" column.

Check the links... just try to avoid enjoying yourself. ;)


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