Thursday, October 06, 2005

America In Good Shape: We Have Proof!

Things must be going well. Why? Because Algore claims we are in Grave Danger. Hell, if he's droning on about how bad America is we must be doing something right.

Again, another guy who thinks he's important. Get over yourself, son.

He drops references to the Roman Empire, the Greeks, Edward R. Murrow, German philosopher Jurgen Habermas... he tries equating Rush Limbaugh with hate-speech... and then he drops (with the subtlety of a 16 ton weight) the name of his network Current TV.

This calls for a look back into the realm of The Onion... and it's similar enough to be funny all over again. ;)

Gore Delivers Emergency Presidential Address Into Bathroom Mirror
"My fellow Americans, our enemies have struck at the heart of our great democracy," Gore solemnly intoned into his electric razor during the not nationally televised address.


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