Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Double-Dumbass on Me, 10/04/2005

What a dolt!

In the past several years, we've noticed a rise in folks wearing helmets... and not necessarily for typical activities. Soucheray mentions it every now and again on his radio show Garage Logic (AM 1500 KSTP), and some of his listeners call in with Helmet Updates. There have been sightings of tricycle riding kids, lawn mowing folks, walkers, car drivers, etc. It sounds crazy... and it probably has something to do with a growing trend in our culture: total risk aversion.

Well, while shopping I noticed a guy in a helmet. He was collecting grocery carts. Now, this grocery store isn't exactly always clean, the sorrounding parking lot is a maze, my wife's car has been hit at least twice by drivers, many more parking lot crashes have been noted, and it's fairly well travelled. My first reaction was that perhaps the store manager required their cart gofers to wear protection... especially since they also have a bright vest with reflective tape (like road construction guys).

(To be fair to the store, it's a nice enough... the grocery store is getting some work done to it and the guy who rang me up today was absolutely great.)

Well, I called up Joe to mention it... and the first thing he wondered about was whether the guy's health was such that the guy needed the helmet. That's when my wife heard... and she immediately gave me The Look. Yeah, the guy apparently is missing a few teeth because of epileptic fits (or something like that) so he needs the thing for certain.

Put me in the dictionary under the description: jackass.


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