Thursday, November 17, 2005

FEMA Deadline: "...A Big Surprise"

Apparently a deadline for FEMA funding is as much of a surprise as the flooding in New Orleans.

Katrina Evacuees Worry About FEMA Deadline

Now, I can believe that some folks from New Orleans might be surprised that government money would run out, but since when was the flood a surprise?

The comments from kid are pretty surprising themselves. I mean, God help the guy for losing his home and having to stay elsewhere... it must be very trying. However, how long has it been? Calvin Jamison and his relatives have been staying in a hotel, but the deadline to find more permanent housing is coming December 1st. Apparently, that's not enough time.
"It's cramped. It's stressful. It's bad for your nutrition," Jamison says. "All you do is sleep all day. You can't really do nothing else."


"It's just like a big surprise, just like the flood was a big surprise," Jamison said.
The author of the story follows Calvin's first comment with this:
Now, they have added stress: a Dec. 1 government deadline to find more permanent housing, something they have been trying to do for two months.
She's provided no proof that sleeping in a hotel all day is stressful, nor has she shown any of the trouble that Calvin has had... other than quoting the kid.

Another. Bad. MSM. Writer.

We're probably not hearing enough stories of the folks who have moved on and put their lives back together. This story's author is merely writing the newspaper equivalent of a carnival Freak Show.

I bet if Calvin Jamison's mother was Tasha Henderson (from the Scared Straight story earlier today) he wouldn't have been sitting in a Dallas hotel sleeping all day for two months.


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