Tuesday, November 15, 2005

James Ellroy on Cops, Justice, and More

Today's National Review Online features a Q&A with James Ellroy... the author of the L.A. Quartet books. You probably know L.A. Confidential. That's number three. Maybe you know The Black Dahlia. That's number one.

The interview starts by mentioning an honor recently bestowed upon Ellroy by the LAPD. (He also mentions a run-in with the LAPD from the days of his youth.) Ellroy also talks about Rodney King, the OJ verdict, and justice today.

The questions turn briefly to politics. Ellroy remarks on the "screaming from both sides" and has advice for pundits and columnists.
Everyone should take note of Peggy Noonan's behavior. She's charming, reasonable, and she knows how to be conciliatory without giving up her soul.
Sound advice.

Director Brian DePalma is working on The Black Dahlia for a 2006 release. If it's half as good as Curtis Hanson's film L.A. Confidential was it will be worth seeing.

Regarding the adaptation of L.A. Confidential:

You take the money and you hope for the best. Sometimes you get lucky. L.A. Confidential was made into a great film. I'm confident that The Black Dahlia will be a great film as well. All of your readers should take great pains to see it next year.
I hope that film turns out well. I'd like to see another Brian DePalma film. I'm hoping for more Untouchables and less Scarface.


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