Monday, February 20, 2006

Confounded (Potentially) Burned CPU and/or Motherboard!!!

Damn, damn, and damn once again!

The new fan (which was a real bitch to install inspite, or perhaps because, of the fact that it was merely $165) didn't seem to help. Brewing J.'s diagnosis suggest it could be the CPU or it could be the motherboard. We made sure it wasn't the memory.

So instead of spending good money to get the same system I already have (which is about three years old and a little slow) I'm going to throw even better money at better CPU and motherboard... as well as a few other minor details. (Flashy lights added to my already gaudy box... whoo-hoo!)

Of course, no home blogging until maybe this weekend. If I'm lucky. (However, maybe some light blogging when I'm at work and need a quick break.)



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