Monday, May 29, 2006


Have you ever planned to tell someone off? Someone deserving a little tongue-lashing... you know the kind.

One of my circle of friends goes back several years. It includes more than thirty interconnected people, some of them married couples. One of the guys is, while not without his problems and flaws, a good guy... I'll call him Mr. Rice. He created a company and put in quite a lot of time and effort. He worked with another of the guys... I'll call him Mr. Silver. To make a fairly long story short, Mr. Silver and his wife sold out Mr. Rice. They stabbed him in the back by selling their shares of the company to another guy... shifting control of the company via stocks to another shareholder.

As far as I'm concerned there is no excuse for this... especially when Mr. Silver and his wife put up a considerable amount of pretense that they were friends with Mr. Rice. It makes you question the sincerity of their other relationships.

(One of my friends doesn't seem to hold a grudge against Mr. and Mrs. Silver for this sell-out, but I'm still quite confident in the legitimacy of my own grudge.)

Several times I've said to my friends, those who know Mr. Rice, that if I ever saw Mr. and Mrs. Silver I'd make sure to ask them how Mr. Rice is... and ask how their 30 pieces of silver are holding out.

That was the plan until I realized I'm a gutless coward.

I saw them yesterday. While running errands with Badda-Toddler (who was as good as ever) I saw the pair of them in the store. I had friends coming over and I wanted to finish vacuuming and straightening a few things out before they arrived, so I just took the cart in another direction to get the last of my stuff. Within a few minutes Mr. Silver found me and said 'Hi'.

As far as I know, neither he nor she know that I know... if you know what I mean. However, word gets 'round the circle of friends, so they might expect that others know.

Regardless of what they suspect about me and other people, they approached me. First, Mr. Silver came up to me. I didn't say much, and I certainly didn't ask much. It quickly became clear that he was the radar checking me out to make sure it was safe for Mrs. Silver to join in. She was so surprised to see me... after all she was just thinking about me and the wife last week.

In any case, I didn't do it... or I couldn't for some reason. In fact, I ended up talking and blathering on, possibly out of nervousness or confusion.

I feel like such a coward.


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