Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome to the Fold, Mr. Hadley

Ah, I get to repeat myself.
Earlier this year, unfortunately with some lag time on my part, I made arrangements for fellow-blogger Mitchell from Our Word to see this year's season of Doctor Who. He and his wife finished off the episodes and I saw an opportunity to push something different their way.

For a number of years I've noted that a short-run sci-fi series might just hit the spot for them... Firefly, perhaps you've heard of it.

As luck would have it, an additional boxed set found its way on to my shelves. (The wife misplaced our first set, and after five months she decided to replace it... and within six weeks she found the original set.) I handed off the extra disks to Mitchell and wished him and his wife an enjoyable 10.5 hours of viewing.

So far, they have muscled their way through "Train Job", "Bushwhacked", and they might have just seen "Shindig"... which I enjoyed greatly.

Hard to get into 13 episodes of a modern cult favorite science-fiction series around Christmas... I believe they have some annual viewing they like to do, as do many folks this time of year. That said, I assured them that they were under no obligation to keep the disks let alone watch them all. If they enjoy them, the disks are certainly theirs to keep.

Of course, much like waiting to see their reaction for this year's key episodes of Doctor Who, I'm quite eager to hear how the series goes down for them. I cannot wait to hear their response to, "I got stupid. The money was too good." (Of course, if Mitchell reads that then the odds are in his favor that he's going to make a fairly accurate prediction.)

If they get through the series the D&B and I might make them a nice meal and have them over to watch the movie that came out.



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