Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is it possible the whole world has gone mad?

What a ridiculous question… that’s one of the states of mankind. It seems like we all go a bit mad now and again.

Youth experiences ongoing and persistent madness, at least from the perspective of adults… which sends parents over the edge with madness. Love makes madmen of us all, while unrequited love makes us insufferably loony. Just ask your friends from high school.

Al Gore doesn’t merely make his opponents crazy, he makes his own supporters crazy! Even folks who don’t have much time for AlGore but adhere to his wacky environmental proclamations seem at least a little bit off their heads.

James Cameron, director of That Damn Boat Movie, made a new sci-fi action film with eye-popping visual effects and a thinly veiled message about raping the planet… and spent more than any other film doing it.

A film. You know… celluloid with still images used to make moving pictures with incredibly bright lights and loud sounds in a large comfortable room surrounded by parked cars. And it plays in these rooms around twelve hours out of a 24-hour day.



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