Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Changes to Network News

USA Today reports on the changes in network news with "Anchors may not be only change in TV news". One line stuck out... like a sore thumb.

Whether it's Roberts tossing his tie, NBC's Brian Williams signing off with a trademark homily or ABC's Peter Jennings uncharacteristically wondering aloud to viewers when chemotherapy for his lung cancer will cost him his hair, change is in the wind.

We're not talking revolution. Just as viewing patterns on the three evening broadcasts change glacially, so, too, do anchor, format and production techniques.

No, of course network news isn't engaging in a revolution. The revolution is what is happening because of network news. Sorry pallie... what do you think talk radio, The Drudge Report, FOX News, blogs, and the "retirement" of Dan Rather signifies? That's the revolution... and it's revolting against network news and the liberal-slanted establishment.

The world of news has changed. Maybe not enough in the ratings to call network news a lost cause, but it is a definite change to be sure.

The article isn't really that blind. It mentions FOX News, it briefly talks about the internet. However, to use the word revolution without realizing the full potential of the word almost looks like the King's herald avoiding bad news. The article mentions VCRs and TiVo, cable news broadcasts, and online video on demand... but they obviously still think in 20th century terms. Perhaps that's not the fault of USA Today. Yet, someone ought to start thinking of it... and write about it. The change might happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Before you know it, Nelson from "The Simpsons" is laughing at you... "Ha, ha!"

All that's new in the world of journalism... and the


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