Friday, July 22, 2005

CNN: Poor Taste in James Doohan's Obit

Rest in peace, Mr. Doohan... and shame on you CNN.

First, I'm not a huge fan of the original Star Trek... just a little to socialist for my tastes. (I am a bigger fan of Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation.) However, it's hard not to have fun watching the old series or the movies with the original crew.

Even without a fan's adoration, how can you not love Scotty? Jimmy Doohan was always wonderful in the show and films... and his interviews were always a treat. I have heard from fans who saw Mr. Doohan at conventions that he is very friendly to and greatful for the fans... and just charming.

Let me get to my admonishment of CNN. Take a look at the obit they posted. Well, most of it is good... a nice tribute. However, focus on the following:
He accused Shatner of hogging the camera, adding: "I like Captain Kirk, but I sure don't like Bill. He's so insecure that all he can think about is himself."
How tacky! I'm not a big Shatner fan myself (although, in the past 10 years he's been very funny and self-depricating... and that can redeem a lot of crap).

I believe there was a slightly different obit earlier in the day which I have not yet found, so I may be entirely wrong. However, if I remember correctly it was much worse. When was the quote regarding Bill Shatner? I suspect it was at least ten if not fifteen years ago or more.

As I heard a while ago, Shatner admitted on a late night talk show (probably Conan O'Brien) that he learned how much the cast disliked and hated him once started interviewing his old castmates for his autobiography. Like I mentioned before, it seems like Shatner has really learned to poke fun at himself in public over the last several years... but even if he's still an ass, his co-star's obituary is hardly the place to continue attacks on William Shatner.

No wonder FOX is kicking the tar out of CNN.


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