Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today, We're British!

Many folks around the world turned their heads toward our shores back in 2001 on the morning of September the 11th... I recall no small number called themselves Americans to stand with us in the face of barbarity.

Now, 229 years after we told King George III and his men to push off we should stand solidly yet again with our cousins in Great Britian. We stood twice in the previous century against fascism... we stood together in the Cold War.

(Credit where credit is due, the Bull Moose blog suggested the idea.)

Surely, this attack is hardly as vicious or deadly as the hijackings... however, that's not the point. I was heartened by a Brit e-mail sent to National Review Online for the Corner.
We have faced terror before - Nazi terror, Irish Republican terror - and have not been beaten. This will not beat us either.

The overwhelming feeling round our office is "Is this best they can do?" - it looks and sounds much worse on 24hr news channels than in person.
I would gladly buy this Brit a beer... or a scotch... or both. Tough as old boots.

UPDATE: 1:04 PM, July 7th, 2005

Ah, the Kids... they can say the most rediculous, mind-numbing drivel. ;) Check out Decision '08 (because it's never too early).


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