Monday, June 06, 2005

Just Give Me a Lousy Piece of Pizza

Soucheray occasionally mentions that he just wants a Lousy Cup of Coffee... in fact, Garage Logic has a little coffee shop called The Lousy Cup of Coffee. It's a tonic for the coffee fad... you know, the half-caf double-mocha-chino with extra foam? Sometimes you just want coffee... no major choices. Occasionally, you actually want an espresso or a cappachino (which folks insist is actually expresso or cuppachino). Custom made pianos have less complicated orders.

I heard something about this strange pizza joint last week, and I even saw a quaintly costumed pizza delivery freak on the road yesterday... but Lileks comments today in The Bleat.

What kind of whiney-woo actually chooses pizza based on their (fringe) political philosophy? Just give me a lousy piece of pizza, for Christ's sake. I don't want the shop to save the planet... the planet will be fine. Should this pizza joint be operating at the time of the next presidential campaign you're going to see and hear it get interesting. ;)

Perhaps I ought to help start The Lousy Slice of Pizza shop... guaranteed to not give a damn.



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