Friday, July 29, 2005

The Left Says, "You're Ugly!"

Michelle Malkin drew my attention to my home paper where Cheri Pierson Yecke writes about certain members of the Left frequently use unsophisticated criticisms to attack conservatives (or at least against enemies of the Left).

Certainly conservative men (and anyone who challenges the Left) are targetted with words such as "fat", "ugly", or check out the comments section of certain blogs to find even worse insults. Yecke mentions that some women on the Left take no pride in seeing a successful woman if she happens to think like Condi, Katherine Harris, or the Star-Trib's own Kathy Kersten.
Where are the feminists? Their silence speaks volumes about their convictions and partisan leanings. After all, it is mainly conservative women who have been the victims of this sort of media slashing. Sad to say, with few exceptions, the circling vultures are left-leaning women.

Has our culture become so shallow, and our sensibilities so numb, that we will accept from adults the sort of vicious behavior that we would never accept from our children?
Ann Coulter wrote about it in her book "Slander". As you probably know, some on the Left take delight in insulting Coulter's looks... evidently they cannot stand an attractive woman with backbone, guts, and a sharp tongue. At least not if she supports conservatives.


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