Thursday, September 01, 2005

Moonbat Mom Furthers Left-Wing Stereotype: Uses Nazi Insult

Breaking News:
Cindy, grief stricken mother of slain US soldier Casey Sheehan, pulls out the tired old left-winger insult from their out of date arsenal.

Hardley a shocker. This lady not only much be gripped by the loss of her son, but by the sound of her own comments suggest that she's been a black helicopter, leftwing loony... you know, the kind that might be a few sandwiches short of a picknic.

What did she say? She referred to the right-wing as the reich wing. Wow, Cindy! Where'd you come up with that clever banter? Can't be, they seem to be distancing themselves from you from what little I've heard on the subject.

For some time I've felt pity for her. I still do, but the kind that sort of wanes after you've been paint as Nazi-esque.

That said, I hope she continues... keep on camping, keep on driving the bus, keep on taking in that whiney voice that sounds like a 18 year old with her head in the clouds, keep on calling conservatives and Republicans Nazis, keep on callin G.W. a murderer... it's totally working for your image. However, it's working totally working against the image of the left in general and will likely help conservatives between now and the off year election. I just hope it lasts until the next presidential election.

By the way, she also says Bush and he gang are responsible for Katrina.


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