Monday, February 20, 2006

Cartoon Violence: part 6, Minneapolis Cartoon

My friend, the Analog Kid, sent out an e-mail to folks after seeing the offending cartoons of Mohammed. He provides a link to his own little cartoon.

I warn you, it is offensive... and more to the point fairly simplistic on the art scale. (Clearly, this was intentnional on Analog Kid's part.)
Free Speech!

Lately, certain nut-jobs have been burning down Scandinavian embassies over a handful of cartoons about the prophet Mohammed. Cartoons which which they found to be offensive.

Setting aside how crazy it is to be burning stuff down over this... once I finally saw the cartoons in question, two things struck me:

1. Most of the mainstream media are utter cowards for not running the cartoons in question during stories about the incidents.

2. If the nut-jobs think those cartoons are offensive, they really have no idea of what we are capable of.

Nevertheless, I want to do my part to stand up for free speech. Here is a link to my very own Mohammed cartoon.

As you can see, artistic skill is not required to do something like this.

I encourage you all to whip out your Photoshop, MS-Paint, or GIMP programs and slap together a Mohammed cartoon of your very own. See if you can come up with something slightly shocking, funny, or even well-drawn. Then, share the love. Post it on the web and show it to friends. Inspire others to follow.

Feel free to distribute mine (and this e-mail) along with it. See if you can get even more people on board making their own little cartoons. Let's start a nation-wide (perhaps even international) fad of standing up and prove the point: "It's okay to make poke fun at
anybody in a free society, even if we need to draw a crappy picture of him to do it."

Let's make Mohammed cartoons the "Aristocrats" joke of our generation!

What is there to be afraid of? The people burning down those buildings pretty much want to kill every motherf*cking last one of us anyway. I say, if there was ever a time for inappropriate,
disrespectful, and downright juvenile humor, it is now.

He might be a little hopeful where the nationwide fad is concerned, but his crappy drawing is definitely in the right place.


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