Monday, March 13, 2006

Beautiful Winter

Heaps of snow... while my snowblower is kaput due to a slipped belt (and I never brought it to get fixed). Power outages through parts of the Twin Cities... but not for me. Poor visability and a long, slow drive to work... but that's more time for me to listen to "The Chronicals of Narnia" on Harper Audio (which has been an absolute treat).

I love winter. As long as the wind isn't sharp, bitter, and hostile I love it... but keep that sloppy, messy slush to a minimum.

Maybe I'm just high.

Look at the fresh snow clinging to tree branches as you drive by or under them. Hugh, thick mounds of snow on roofs or in large open areas... especially with big drifts. The only thing missing today was the beautiful look of trees glazed with ice.

Don't get me wrong... shovelling the thick, wet, compact snow by hand can wreck my back and will sometimes wear me out (especially if I don't get to sleep until 1:30 am the evening before). That annoys me... however, I pulled Badda-Toddler around the front yard in a little mini-sled that his Crazy Auntie bought him. Earlier this winter I bought him a snow shovel to help me out with. He wanders around the driveway pushing the shovel one-handed thinking he's doing some good.

I just love it!

Oh, I was compelled to add that the Dutiful & Beautiful Mrs. Badda-Blogger started shovelling earlier this afternoon... and that she wants me back outside tout de suite.


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