Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why the Democrat Party?

Speed Gibson explains why certain moms are big time Dems.

Just think Sinatra.
She’s at the rallies, in her tin-foil hat
She never spanks, her kid is a brat
She loves Bill Clinton, wishes he could come back
That's why the lady’s Democrat

Doesn't like NASCAR, attends soccer instead
She drives a hybrid, uses Ethanol blends
Won’t go to Keegan’s, would rather watch Friends
That’s why the lady’s Democrat

She loves Oprah, Al, MPR on the air
Life without prayer
New views? Won't do!
She shares her toys, makes you share yours, too
That's why the lady’s Democrat

Doesn’t like talking, where facts are involved
Can’t say from where, her views just evolved
When programs don’t work, she’s somehow absolved
That's why the lady’s Democrat


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