Monday, March 06, 2006

iPod Film Festival

A friend of mine mentioned a new film festival that you can watch in the privacy of your own video player. He comes from the Idiot Box sketch comedy troupe... they regularly play in the Twin Cities (I think they were at Bryant-Lake last year).

He'll say it best... he's looking for votes for the Idiot Box video sketch, but even if you don't (and you should) you ought to find something entertaining.
...Idiot Box, has entered the first ever iPod film festival at a website called The Flux. We are hoping to win, and we need your help in the form of your vote. You will have to create an account with their site to vote, but while registering, you can check the box that says not to receive any mail from them, and you will never be bothered again.

You can find our entry at The Flux iPod Video Film Festival. Just scroll down until you find "Idiot Box OnStar sketch." You can vote for us once each day, and we're trying to get all of our friends to vote for us early and often!

So please, if you have a few minutes, stop by the link above and vote for us - I'd really appreciate it.
Best of luck to the Idiot Box.


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