Friday, February 24, 2006

Take THAT Missing Software Key!!!

Ah-HA! Brewing J. found a neat little application that can retrieve my wife's old key... what's more he didn't need my old key to get my system started again. What's more-more I'll just use the handy application to get my own key again!

It is the Magical Jellybean Key Finder. (Sounds a little too much like Sammy Davis Junior singing "The Candy Man"... which I cringe at, as much as I love Sammy.)

Whoo-hoo! Today's going to be a great day. Home-blogging to continue on Saturday... probably with a clean desk, too. I might even finally install my brand new printer that I bought six months ago.

On the down side, all the damn dusk I've kicked up from disk/key hunting has aggrivated my cold. (On the up shot, that means I get to treat myself to more booze and dozy-cold-medication.)



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