Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lent Approaching

Surprised, I should not look... every year I don't really know what to give up for Lent. Last year I didn't really give anything up. Oddly enough, I didn't make as many errors with abstinence and fasting.

Quite a few years ago I gave up cocktails and beer... allowing a single glass of wine with diner if absolutely necessary. At least twice I've given up tobacco. Twice I've given up chocolate. This year? Well, I'm not giving up blogging. The wife (as dutiful and beautiful as she is) once suggested that I suspend all DVD purchases for the period of Lent. This year that might be easier than before, although another season of Columbo is due shortly (with Narnia right around Easter, I think).

Perhaps I'll curb my knee-jerk spending on Badda-Toddler. I've been making little purchases for his birthday and hiding them away. So far, he'll get more than 17 Thomas "Take Along" trains, a carrying case, a rock quarry set... and possibly another DVD set if it comes out soon. Plus, two more trains are on the way. I'll probably grab a few more if I see hard-to-find trains online.

Hmmm. That could be it.


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