Monday, April 10, 2006

Dignity for America

Look, we're for immigration. If you're not for immigration in America then your opinion just doesn't count. Thank you, good-bye.

We're for assimilation. If you do not want to require that immigrants assimilate into American culture and learn English then your opinion just doesn't count. Thanks for your time... good-bye.

We're not for deportation. If you expect that we will round up ten, eleven, twelve million or more illegal immigrants then your opinion just doesn't count. Thank you, good-bye. (Of course, we can deport the violent folks, the serious criminals, and nasty bastards... get 'em out of here.)

We're for strengthening our boarders with increased patrols and some kind of barrier. If you don't think America can do this, just take a look at the network of railways, roads, and airtraffic... look at the various civic buildings and construction projects. If you think building a wall at our boarders is in any way similar to the Berlin Wall or to Soviet gulags then your opinion just doesn't count. You're high. Now, go get your shinebox.

If you think this is about race, a dislike of brown or dusky skin-toned people, or keeping people from various other nations down (like that kid who had a soundbite on a radio news broadcast a couple of weeks ago who said he joined the protest for "all people" because "we all bleed red")... you're an idiot, you are skirting the issue, or both. Please, go buy a clue. While you're at it, consider going back into school where you belong.

If you think last week's display of Mexican flags and misuse of the American flag was merely a sign of national solidarity then your opinion just doesn't count. Please consider wasting less of your time and mine... and go away.

If you think folks that sneak into America have a claim to American rights then your opinion isn't worth the limping brain cell that formed it. Just consider what that means... just for a second. Now, go get your shinebox.

Should you want to come to our great land, we want you. Come legally. Learn the language. Appreciate the culture. Understand that we can't just let anyone and everyone in... certainly not all at once. We must protect our land, our boarders, our culture, our economy, our government, and our future... which includes those of you who want to come here.


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