Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'd Prefer to Think of Baseball

Remember an episode of The Simpsons where Homer took a business trip with a sexy coworker (Mindy, voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer)... she seemed so much like him and also seemed to be making a move on Homer. To combat his obvious attraction to Mindy, Homer tried to "think unsexy thoughts".

He needn't look any farther than here. By the way, that is a 30 year old woman at 5' 9" weighing 280 pounds.

(Cue Stanley Tucci from The Impostors, "I'm BLIND!!!")

Apparently, she took her kids from their father (her ex-husband) and had the kids call her Daddy. Of course, she denies this was an effort to avoid police.

Something tells me she might get off light considering this is a so-called lifestyle choice.

(By the way, even the image of Patti and Selma shaving their legs together in the bathroom or drunk Barney in a red bikini singing the "I Dream of Genie" theme isn't as unsexy as "Mister" White.)


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