Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back to Work

I've been working this week... and really working. Half-way decent office job, but not an office monkey job. It isn't feast-or-famine, it's mostly feast... which is pretty fine. Not bad money... and I don't have to pay for parking. However, I barely have time to read many columns, articles, stories, and blog entries. (God forbid, there is actual work to do! lol!) Of course, that's not bad... I tend to prefer to work when I'm getting paid.

Now, if I could only get this other offer straightened out soon.

And fix the window screen broken by the effing punkass bastard who broke into my home.

And then fix the effing punkass bastard who broke into my home. (Probably some snotty DNC kid with flexible ethics... but I repeat myself.)

And then get my printed connected.

And then get my cords untangled.

And then get my CDs all put away.

And then get the poker table cleaned off.

And then play poker.


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