Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't Be Jewish on Air Canada

Passengers on an Air Canada Jazz flight don’t want other passengers to be Hasidic Jews. Sort of.
Some fellow passengers are questioning why an Orthodox Jewish man was removed from an Air Canada Jazz flight in Montreal last week for praying.
Probably praying that no terrorists were going to take over the plane... or steal his kosher meal.
"He was clearly a Hasidic Jew," said Yves Faguy, a passenger seated nearby. "He had some sort of cover over his head. He was reading from a book.

"He wasn't exactly praying out loud but he was lurching back and forth," Faguy added.
Maybe he figured if he did the plane wouldn't lurch back and forth.
The action didn't seem to bother anyone, Faguy said, but a flight attendant approached the man and told him his praying was making other passengers nervous.
Huh? No one was bothered, yet he apparently made others nervous. That's the kind of response you get from a wife. You ask, "Honey, do you mind if I play poker with the guys tonight?" She responds with a, "No," that clearly means she's pissed off.
Jewish leaders in Montreal criticized the move as insensitive, saying the flight attendants should have explained to the other passengers that the man was simply praying and doing no harm.

Hasidic Rabbi Ronny Fine said he often prays on airplanes, but typically only gets curious stares.

"If it's something that you're praying in your own seat and not taking over the whole plane, I don't think it should be a problem," said Fine.
Rabbi Fine... you've got a cheeky sense of humor.

These folks were probably a bunch of Godless Commies bitching about a separation of church and business class.

Clearly, one place that folks ought to pray is on an airplane. Take folks off the plane for talking to me while I'm trying to read or sleep.


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