Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Breaking and Entering: Better Luck Next Time, Jackass

Now, I might be wrong about this, but it looks distinctly like someone broke into my house today.
  • Knocked over grill (as if someone climbed on it)
  • Patio chair placed underneath kitchen window
  • Cut/Riped kitchen window screen
  • Baby gate partially pushed out of door frame (as if someone couldn't open it)
  • Unlocked side door
If ever I was glad my house was a mess it is now.

All of this after I make a post taunting Islamic-fascist terrorist assholes. Perhaps next time this stunod might find a couple of barrels... and I don't mean beer.
Rifleman Sergeant Patrick Harper... three rounds a minute, sir! (Hopefully, with his Noch's volly gun.)


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