Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Airline Civilization: Smoking Allowed

Say it isn't so! Smoking allowed on a plane?!?!?! See for yourself at the International Herald Tribune in the Business section: "Smoke and enjoy the flight".

Smoker's International Airways (shouldn't that be Smokers' International Airways?) will not only allow smoking, but SIA (or Smintair) only plan to have Business and First Class sections... configuring their 747s to hold 138 seats as opposed to the normal 415 seats. The Business Class seat should run about $5500... I think that works out to $8260 for First Class.

What looks odd is a statement from a German government minister.

Meanwhile, the anti-smoking movement appears to be gaining ground in Germany. The country's consumer affairs minister, Horst Seehofer, said in July that the government planned after the summer break to propose a nationwide ban on smoking in public places beginning next year.

"I would love that," Schoppmann said. "They are playing into our hands."

(Emphasis mine.)

That sounds like the government is either licking its chops at the prospect of eliminating a legitimate business in the airline industry or legitmate businesses in the tobacco industry. Either way, is that the business of effective government?


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