Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Interesting Goings-On Today

From my many experiences in offices I know many tech departments get looked down-upon for their clearly stated procedures. Occasionally, these tech departments are actually less than stellar in performance and deserve a little scorn. This does not appear to be the case at my current post. Unfortunately, someone here is scoffing at the faceless department for their lack of work and effort. This person essentially demands and uses his title to get things moving… as opposed to actually making the proper request in a timely fashion (before you bring a new employee into the fold).

Not only that, there was a phone conversation going on via speaker-phone which consisted of fairly loud, curt, and gruff barks from one person. For all I know that’s how those conversations go, or the person who called screwed something up, or both people were annoyed at the situation… however, you are in a cube. Makes me want to say, “You’re beautiful when you’re angry.”

Like any number of places, folks sense a new guy… as well as a temp. Not many folks warm up to a guy who isn’t likely to be around very long. In theory, this is a temp-to-hire position… but I’ve heard that before. Also, I’m stepping into a position previously filled by a woman… bit of a shock to start seeing a guy with facial hair. (As she said, it makes a big change when you are used to seeing breasts.) I also pulled the plastic wrapping off from my bottled beverage… which is iced tea. I also dropped several ice cubes in… and now that they have melted a bit what you can see looks like the contents of a specimen bottle from an unfortunate Bolivian unicyclist.

All of this is hardly unique (other than the ice tea bottle half-full of a Bolivian unicyclist’s specimen). I’ve experienced much of this before. I’ve handled much worse. (Not that I've handled a Bolivian unicyclist or his specimen.)

Besides, the money's not bad... and Daddy's been holding back on DVDs.

At least this doesn't involve Mohrghaine Mother-Earth. Oi Gevalt. (Her face looks like it wore out two bodies.)


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