Monday, November 06, 2006

Victorious Return

A while ago I mentioned the imminent return of my good friend Hip J and his wife the Doll. (At my recent rate of blogging only puts that a few posts previous to this one.) They arrived well and we all welcomed them with a number of requests/demands for their time.

The last Saturday of October the Three Musketeers gathered at Old d'Artagnan’s house for dinner, cocktails, smokes, and conversation… not all in that order. (We nailed almost four packs of Spirits and talked past both one o’clock chimes.)

This past Saturday we continued our longstanding poker game with a few other guys. Hip J made reclaimed his status as a poker regular by taking the lion’s share of the pot. (God love him, the bastard.)

Figuring that most of us are now married, a couple of us with kids, we planned on ending at a respectable hour. (In the past we’ve run as late as five and six o’clock in the morning.) We left around 3:00 am.

I might have lost most of what I put in, but by my estimation that was victory. (Especially when I consider the provolone and prosciutt’ sandwich from Cossetta’s.)

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