Monday, December 04, 2006

Don't Know Much About Art...

...but apparently my boy knows what he likes.

A week ago we went to church (something I honestly don’t do enough). Outside the sanctuary children had decorated the walls with large cut-outs of kids playing. The cut-outs had drawings, words, and pasted stuff on them. You know… stuff with pens, markers, paint, and construction paper.

The B&D had to take the little Badda (the little Blogger? Tiny B? Not-Quite-So-Tiny B?) out at one point since he was a little squirrelly. He looked at all the decorations and asked the B&D what it was. “Those are kids.” He wasn’t entirely convinced In fact, he was a little bothered by at least one of the faces.
“Look, it doesn’t have eyes, Momma.”
What was she going to do? She has leanings, and especially as a mother she gets all feel-goody when it comes to cute children dragging crayons across colored paper. She calls it art. (I don’t, and for that she thinks I am mean-spirited… she’s still got a few lefty tendencies in her obviously.)
“Well, sometimes this is what kids do. It is called art.”
Without missing a beat, he looked up and said,
“Well, art doesn’t have any eyes.”

Just like his Old Man.


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