Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Purely on accident I picked up a new tube of toothpaste... I'll grab a whitening toothpaste whether it is Colgate or Crest or the other one. (Not that I actually have high hopes for any change... and not that I've got a change to ask for, but I drink coffee.) The accident came in the shape of a combo-toothpaste with a truly unfortunate flavor:

Who thinks citrus should be a flavor associated with brushing your teeth? Everyone knows that if you drink orange juice after brushing your teeth you make a face similar to the face you'd make if you drank any gin or vodka sold in a plastic bottle.

Mint, yes! Everyone can relate to mint and toothpaste. That's like Mike Hatch and a temper tantrum. Even cinnamon is a fairly natural choice.

What's next from these people, chocolate flavored tartar control ultra-whitening anti-bacterial toothpaste with a splash of mouthwash guaranteed to kill most germs that cause bad breath in
a tube shaped like Thomas the Tank Engine?

I'm off to vote with my son. Then after I drop him off at day care I'm going to smoke... deeply.


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