Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nice Party

Good party from Tracy at the Anti-Strib manor... stayed much later than I was supposed to. (The B&D said make it an early night since should 1) couldn't get a baby sitter for the boy, and 2) she wasn't feeling well.

Had drinks with Sequel, Jim W, JW, Shark Bait, Tracy, Kermit, chatted with Mitch, Tom C, Larry and a couple of other folks... and tasted some honey wine stuff from Taiwan.

Why is it that whenever I have something to drink and wait plenty of time (and add soda or water into the post-drink buffer) that I feel completely sober, but once I get home and sit for ten minute that I start to feel boozed up all over again?

I foresee a greasy breakfast in my near future... and an annoyed wife into the bargain. (Some bargain.)


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