Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Strib Letter: Sense at Last

It isn't often that you hear sense in a Letter to the Editor at the Star-Tribune... especially since most of the readers are still coming down from numerous hits from Nick Coleman's homemade bong.

Occasionally, you find someone who understands the founding of our country who can hold back the gag reflex while reading the Strib.
Your fire bothers me

And so it goes. We are happy and content that the government can protect us from the evils of smoking, whether we need protection or not. How nice it is that there is someone ready to insist on protection from the evils of wood smoke as well (Opinion Exchange, Dec. 5).

There can be no doubt wood smoke is a new and pressing danger, a direct threat to modern man. After all, it has only been around since the discovery of fire! How sad that we refuse to remember the Founding Fathers' idea that government intervention in our lives should be kept to a minimum. It all seems so beneficial or at least harmless, until they ban something dear to you.

Jim of the Anti-Strib mentioned something about the woman behind the proposed wood burning ban... and he mentioned a few folks who were interested. I hope his like minded folks carry out their plan... I might even make some time for the little caper myself. Just take a look and see if Julie Mellum is a little goofy... she's part of a group that calls itself Take Back the Air. (More than just a little pompous?) As the Anti-Strib mentions, Julie Mellum sells houses for Coldwell Banker. Would you be surprised to learn that she sells houses with fireplaces?

Someone ought to call her and her hive and offer to give them as much wind as they can spare. (She already has enough hot air blowing around.)

Now since Mr. Sundberg mentioned the Founders I'll add a nice little resource.

The Constitution.
The Bill of Rights.
The Constitution of the State of Minnesota.



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