Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wasting the Peoples' Time AND Money

Are they insane?!?!?!

As mentioned in my previous post, of course they are, but this ain't because of puppy love or the ignorance of youth.
Irritated with loud commercials, the California Democrat found it was also a common complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. So she drafted a bill aimed at preventing TV ads from playing noticeably louder than the programs they sponsor.

(Emphasis mine.)

Of course it was a Democrat! Of course, I'll give you dollars to donuts there are more than enough RINOs getting on board so they can pander to the public.

The Monterey Herald features an editorial on this issue:
Loud commercials truly are one of life's annoyances. On a scale of 10, they rank a 2 or maybe even a 3. As far as nuisances go, they are almost as bad as commercials that are on too often, especially this time of year. Who among us does not know that every kiss begins with K?

But learning that there is legislation pending in Washington to regulate the volume of televised commercials is almost enough to send us searching for information on how to become Libertarians. As originally written by Palo Alto Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, the bill would have prescribed that the volume of TV ads be no louder than the average maximum loudness of the programs they were interrupting. She amended the language later to let the broadcast industry work out the details. What a relief!

The writer considers other "useful" legislative options should this one get pushed through:
· Food service: Waiters should not be allowed to cross the room in a restaurant without looking at the diners they are responsible for. First offense, felony.

· Toothbrushes advertised as "soft" should have to stay that way, statutorily.

· Our own congressman should introduce legislation requiring pharmacies to fill prescriptions within 10 minutes.

How about someone pass legislation requiring public servants read and comprehend the Constitution of the United States of America... and tested... often.

How about that?

However, even this massive turd has a silver lining... consider the damage the House and Senate CANNOT do because they spend their time on this jackassary.


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