Thursday, April 28, 2005

Children at Work... Useless

Is it me, or is all this nonsense about bringing your kids to work a load of crap? Everywhere I've worked where this foolhardy feel-goodism is used ends up having a day of extremely poor productivity. Several nice kids, but precious little work.

Today, only a few folks brought their kids to work. Here's what they learned... nothing. They enjoyed pizza, drew in coloring books, and watched "Shark Tale". (The least they could have done is watched "The Incredibles".) What in the flamming hootie-hoo does that do for a kid... let alone your workload?

Take Your Child to Work Day (which comes from the feminist push for Take Our Daughters to Work Day... quess what they want?) allows parents who do their jobs as employees and dads or moms to help teach them about their specific field of work. It shows them a group of folks in an work setting. It gives kids ideas. It does all that when you have parents that are actually good parents. More often than not kids are brought to work, they meet the other kids, and they stay out of the way so the employee can do his job. Special time is taken out for them to have fun... which is not the point of the whole project.

No child of mine will ever take time on Take Your Child to Work Day to visit me while I work. My child will come and see me at work during summer when there is no school... I'll show the child the basics and hopefully some of the actual work. The kid will do some work (God forbid)... and the kid will probably be old enough to meet folks, ask questions about various businesses and industries, get numbers and names of contacts and colleges, etc.

I still can't understand why folks bring kids as young as four years old. It is all a bunch of Dingo's kidneys.
[/curmudgeon mode off]


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