Saturday, December 03, 2005

Naming a Beer

One of my friends brews. This summer one of three entries earned him first prize at a State Fair beer competition. (Remarkably, it wasn't his stout, which tastes wonderful.) Years ago he provided a couple of his own beers for his own graduation party. (Now that I think of it, this happened several years ago... we're getting old.) This man knows brewing, beer history, ingredients, and taste.

Belgian beers hold a special place in his brew hobby. As I understand it, we owe the Belgians much when it comes to beer... and they make very many varieties.

Some beer drinkers may think me a girl for drinking lambic, a type of beer using fruit, but the Belgians have been doing this for some time and the taste of peach lambic really works... to say nothing of the high alcohol content. If anyone still presses me for proving my manhood where beer is concerned I drink Newcastle Brown Ale (a personal favorite), Summit (the local brew), and I used to regularly enjoy Watney's Cream Stout when the company was still doing business.

On to my personal triumph. ;)

Last night, Brewing J (as I'll call him for now) and his Brewing Cousin mentioned their newest development... some Belgian beer that sounded something like a say-zon... but I can't quite remember. Brewing J noted that it was a troublesome Belgian. I lept at the chance to point out that Troublesome Belgian sounds like a great beer name. The Brewing Cousin looked up and said something like, "That's a good name, actually." Brewing J agreed... and I hope to have a bottle (and perhaps a label) from him eventually.

There's nothing better than knowing a good brewer who demands beer with an enjoyable flavor... I just drop Brewing J a couple of bucks everytime I'm thirsty and I can usually take from his vast stock. If I had the time I'd do it myself... but until then (if that day ever comes) I'll content myself with drinking and naming.



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