Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coleman: Truth in Advertising

A Strib columnist using the phrase "Truth in Advertising" must surely be brave.

Recently, Nick Coleman uses those words to throw stones at the Minneapolis public school board. Read his column (if you wish) to see what I mean.

In any case, he's declaring the whole affair a soap opera and calling for swift action... whatever that will be. Of course, he doesn't point out the charges that Superintendant Thandiwe Peebles used
district workers and resources for personal business. Instead, he tells the happy story of how Peebles helped improve some troubled schools.

Look, I'm glad that's the case... but if in fact if she used employees and resources the way she did and her name was Smith, or if she supported Governor Pawlenty, or if she was a man, or if blah-blah you can be sure some of these supporters (chief among them Mr. Coleman) would want that Superintendant Someone dismissed, fired, or pursauded to resign.

See what else the Strib has to report on the matter:
For the record, based on what little I know about the case I'd be willing to let any superintendant stay on with a warning for misuse of department staff and stuff... as Nick suggests, she's helped schools improve. Peebles apparently has a unpleasant management style as well. (Not sure that's really grounds for firing either... if we gave the dish to anyone who was unpleasant the Left-Leaners wouldn't have any columnists, pundits, protestors, or Kanye West.)

It's just the double-standard we have for diversity that makes me grumble.


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