Thursday, January 12, 2006

AM 1500 KSTP: The More Things Change

...the more they stay the same.

My wife called me last night while driving home and asked, "Is Chris Krok leaving KSTP?"

She explained that he played Sinatra's "My Way" (pretentious) and said he loved the Twin Cities. My best guess was that he got an offer elsewhere. I suspect he was looking since I've heard enough folks say they dislike his show and (anecdotally) ratings seem low. (I have always said he needlessly repeats exact words, phrases, and sentances and doesn't often discuss topics in a conversational way... quite suitable for college radio.)

Fraters Libertas notes similar wonderings.

Who knows what KSTP will do for 7:30 to 10:00 pm... but it will probably be better. (Get Dave Thomas to sub for a while... he's quite good.)

Twice during Mischke's first week of the year (now at 5:30 to 7:30 pm) he mentioned former KSTP heavyweight talker Jason Lewis. I might be making too much out of it, but I'd expect that management would keep Mischke from mentioning Minnesota's Mr. Right during his old time slot... especially during a time of time changes and talent adjustment. Not to mention that it was only two years and a few months since Lewis left... and a few recent rumors suggest he was (or is) coming back to our market.

But what if his name was intentionally mentioned? Like I said, I'm probably making too much out of it... wishful thinking on my part.

In any case, Krok's gone. (He spoiled a Mark Knopfler song from last year, so I spurned him... well, that and his show was often uninspiring and his delivery was amature.)

So that's one down with two to go. (Hopefully, KSTP will get rid of Ron and Mark.)


Hey, what do you know... according to an update I received from KSTP, Steve Konrad thinks like I do:
In case you missed his announcement Wednesday night, Chris Krok has decided to leave AM1500. He has accepted an as-yet disclosed position elsewhere. We thank him for his hard work and lively contributions to AM1500 the last two years. We look forward to saying, "We knew him when..." as he continues to excel.

Assuming the 7:30pm-10pm weeknight slot will be "The Dave Thompson Show" hosted by an as-yet disclosed AM1500 weekend/fill-in talent. It will be a hard-working, intelligent, articulate attorney with a likeable style and infectious passion for the day's events and maybe even an intermittent sports discussion on Vikings, Twins, new stadiums, and such. Congratulate Dave when you see him.

This well bring a couple new voices to our weekend schedule. Perhaps they will develop into the next big weekend/fill-in personalities...

Good luck, Chris!

Steve Konrad
Not a bad move, Mr. Konrad.

All you need now is Minnesota's Mr. Right between Soucheray and Dave Thompson and you're home free.

UPDATE: 8:30 am, Friday January 13th, 2005

Mitch at Shot in the Dark posts some useful backstory to Krok's departure.
In the winter of '04-'05, after Krok got into a controversial on-air argument with the relatives of someone who'd died in a car crash which aroused (sources say) the ire of station owner Giny Morris, the rumors were that Krok was on short time.
That past by me, but mostly because I never listened regularly.


Admin Worm tells an interesting story about Krok's show. He also includes his internship journal... which looks like it will expand.


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