Monday, February 20, 2006

Nick Coleman: Selective Memory?

Mitch at Shot in the Dark takes Nick Coleman to task. Not very difficult, but Mitch usually leaves Nick alone these days... so this is a rare treat. (Coleman's column appears here.)
Question: Given that, as well as the synchronicity of Coleman's piece with the DFL's media assault on the ads, who is the propagandist here?
I could tell you more about Progress for America and "Astro-turfing" (artificially created "grass-roots" politics) if the Washington-based group had answered e-mailed requests for information.
No, Nick. I'd be much more interested in your telling us why you are calling PfA (and their step-mothers, fathers, and pro-war parents "astro-turf", but giving "Gold Star Parents For Peace" full credence - not to mention keeping mum about the obvious coordination of your column with the DFL's propaganda offensive.

Because after a year of claiming you're not the DFL's monkey, it's obvious that you're flinging blue poo on command. Don't believe it? Check out the DFL memo over on KvM; note the similarities; note, indeed, the bits that seem to be almost the same words.
Anti-Strib also looks at Nick's reason (or lack there-of) here, here, and here. (Semi-related Anti-Strib observations include this.) At least one of those posts include other links.


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