Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sleeping Goofy


The past day really goofed me up. Maybe the actual day didn't do it, but something messed with my sleep pattern. Actually, I'll declare Wednesday officially innocent of the crime, but perhaps she knows more than she realizes. Of course, Wednesday isn't going to say one word about it even if I put Lt. Columbo and Perry Mason on the case.

After the events of Tuesday (which aside from spending time with the Boy, were unremarkable and fairly uninteresting) I got to bed late... actually my clock said it was about 12:40 am on Wednesday when got into bed. I woke around 8:15 am to change the Boy and get him to day care. Once I returned home I noodled about with some little tasks and eventually decided to catch a quick nap before I tackled the yard, the kitchen, and (what appears to be) a ship's hold full of laundry. The quick nap started around 11:15 am and I set my alarm for 12:30 pm.

I woke up at 3:00 pm. What in the Hell happened? As if that wasn't bad enough, after getting the Boy and playing with him outside (minimal physical exertion on my part) the Wife returns home and gets food ready. I'm not feeling well, so I lay down on the couch. Almost every couch we get is a Killer... if you just look at it wrong, you fall asleep on it. Watching a movie? Better not lean sideways or you'll be out before the second act.

Luckily, the nap was short-lived. The Wife and Boy joined me downstairs... he was so good at diner that she granted his wish (which involved watching something on DVD... probably Thomas and Friends or one of the Veggie Tales stories). The Wife suggests that I lay down upstairs until my headache goes away, so I do.

Well, 1:15 am rolls around and I wake up. WTF?!?!?!

I used to work overnights. When I returned to a normal schedule I experienced some difficulty such as appetite, grumpiness, headaches, strange sleep patterns, a tendency toward sarcasm, and a desire to lose money to my friends at poker. (Actually the sarcasm, losing at poker, and headaches were already established patterns, but I'm going to blame them on radically changing my day-change.)

Damn, this annoys me... and, as you can tell, it makes for lame blogging.


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