Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Christmas... Get Over It, Pagans

I'm re-gifting a topic I blogged for Anti-Strib a couple of weeks ago.

It is effing-Christmas. Screw Kwanza (and the Marxist overtones tainted with Symbianese gibberish). As for Hanukah, at least it is an actual holiday, but it does not compare in significance to Christmas. (You want a good Jewish holiday, we've got Yom Kippur... that's a major holiday.)

So gather with your family, your loved-ones, old friends, neighbors, and even co-workers if you've got one of those jobs that must run through December 25th. Even the grumpier folks. (Hmmm, especially the grumpier folks... just because they are in a mood or have in-laws annoying them or bosses harping on them doesn't mean we should avoid wishing them a Merry Christmas.)

Perhaps you dislike Christmas because you have to get together with your family and put on a good face... how is that so bad? It might help other folks in your family to be civil. On the other hand, nothing's perfect. You'll have a couple of gripes now and then... if it is on Christmas, so be it. Just remember a little forgiveness and humility and you might end up at least where you started.

One of the in-laws' in-laws goes to Kuwait in a couple of weeks. Good kid. Air force reserves, I think, so he's probably going to be fine. However, that'a a lot closer than most of us are, so clearly his odds for trouble are a little higher than ours. He's a new addition and a good guy. (He's a fire fighter... likes "Rescue Me", "The Job", "Battlestar Galactica", sci-fi in general, and has a good sense of humor, so he's a nice addition to the growing list of in-laws in my wife's extended family.)

A Doctor Who Christmas special later today... "The Runaway Bride". Probably as silly and pantomime-esque as last year's "The Christmas Invasion" (oh dear), but should still have a couple of good gags, a few good lines, and should at least tide me over for another couple of months until the new season kicks in. (Luckily, there will be no "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister" lines to induce mega-cringing.)

Friends to visit later today... after I see my family. A pretty full day of stuff, and if there's enough snow (and I doubt there will) I'll get in some cross-country skiing. I'm not looking for a lot of stuff at all... in fact, I'd be satisfied with a good meal, some fun with my nephew and son, a few drinks with some of my friends, and a half-way decent Doctor Who. What do I need? The year was fine, a new one is ready to hit, and while nothing is massively spectacular (other than the boy), there is clearly nothing to worry about.

Merry Christmas.

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