Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Strib-Letter: You Are Cheap Killers

From today's Netlets a man who blames himself, but points his finger at anyone who opposses reckless government spending.
The only real apology

I have been unable to sleep recently. Not because I can't imagine living without my wife who drove over the 35W bridge hours before the bridge collapse and survived, but because I feel responsible for the disaster itself.

In fact, we all need to own up to the "culture of cheap" in our government that we have either supported or didn't fight hard enough against for the past couple of decades. We have wasted the amazing infrastructure our parents and grandparents have given us by not maintaining it -- and we have paid dearly for that approach. I urge all of Minnesota to come together and support a new vision for our state and nation that puts real people ahead of "no new tax slogans," corporate tax giveaways, special interest groups and ill-conceived wars.

The only real apology we can offer now is to start supporting a government that is about more than a "culture of cheap." It's the least we can do for the victims of this disaster.


First he uses "it was me", then he swoops in with the "you, you, you".

Who, Mr. Russell Peterson of St. Michael, supported a so-called culture of cheap? Upon who are you painting blood?

You wouldn't by any chance be misstating your opposition's arguement and stance on taxes, would you? You wouldn't want to run a campaign for elected office with that tactic, would you?

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