Thursday, August 02, 2007

Damn Stupid Time to Go on Hiatus

Thank God one of my good friends stopped taking that bridge about two weeks ago. To my knowledge, none of my friends nor my family were anywhere near the thing. I don't even work in that neck of the woods these days. I might need to call some folks I worked with a few years back, though.

In any case, the boy and I said a prayer for those who got caught and the families of those who are missing or dead. Actually, he said I should say the prayer, but he capped it off with an Amen.

From the troops...

Anti-Strib: My Take on Bridge Collapse by The Admiral

Comment section includes...
Jake: Now this ought to get the blood going. Why rebuild it? There have to be better ways to route that traffic across the river than there. This may be an opportunity for Minneapolis to steer congestion away from the city center.

Anti-Strib: Absolutely Freaking Unbelievable by Kermit

Comment section includes...
Jake: Fact is that our entire highway and bridge infrastructure is rotting across the country.

Why? Because we're not paying for maintanance and improvements. Why? Because taxes are BAD, and why should I give my money to the government anyhow, and I don't need no stinkin' government anyways, and people should look out for themselves and not rely on GOVERNMENT to babysit them, yadayadaya...

Fact is that anyone who has spouted this sort of CRAP over the past decade is in his or her own small way responsible for this and future bridge collapses.

Pray all you want. That isn't going to fix ANYTHING.
Followed closely by...
Jake: ...the knee jerk reaction has been on the part of the "no new taxes" folks. Those three words have been used endlessly by countless Republican politicans and operatives, as if the mantra makes sense in any context, for any reason, at any time.
Okay. Thank you for your contribution.



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