Monday, August 06, 2007

"What the Hell was that?"

The wife came home yesterday... wee! The boy was overjoyed. Breakfast at the Original Pancake House (whoo-hoo) and then a nap... then a trip to our friends' house for their son's first birthday (whoo-hoo).

The little goofball wanted to watch Superman later in the evening. Fine. I show him saving Lois Lane and the Daily Planet helicopter (still a great scene after almost 30 years), catching a jewelry thief climbing a building, stopping the bank robbers, and saving Air Force One. (Yeah, and the cat stuck up in a tree.) He wants more, so I show him a similar hero montage from the first Spider-Man film.

While the boy enjoyed it he loves watching Doc Ock and Spidey duke it out on top of an elevated train in Spider-Man II. He loves Spider-Man and he loves trains... what more could a kid want?

Now he's using a new phrase.

Not long after Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus begin fighting on top of the el-train, we get an interior shot of passengers surprised by the dents in the ceiling. Under the sound of the music score and the sound effects of the train one guy says, "What the Hell was that?!?!?!"

Apparently, he heard it and understood it.

Right between the B&D and me, our son earnestly starts asking questions:
"What the Hell was that? What the Hell happened to Spider-Man? What the Hell is happening to the train? What the Hell is going on?"

Uh, son... ah, you're going to... well, you know that the word you used, um... Momma? Where are you going?

She covered her mouth and claimed to need to finish cooking diner. (I thought I heard the sound of snickering as she climbed the steps.)

How in the Hell did I keep from laughing?


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