Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lucky to Suffer a Tantrum

Apparently, I'm not prepared. Our flag has not flown outside the house since the pole warped with the tightening screw. (Apparently, the flag etiquette regarding leaving it outside at night and in the rain is more for protecting cheap-ass flagpoles than the flag.)

We've been meaning to fix it or replace it... but we've left that chore sit for some time.

Maybe this will encourage me and the wife to take care of that.

Then again, we really don't feel inclined... not because of a lack of patriotism (or some overwhelming sense of lefty-patriotism, or as it is more commonly described: moonbat activism). We're just looking for a house.

Maybe that's not a good enough excuse. I know if we fixed the set-up, the boy would love to put it out and take it down each day.

Speaking of which, the wife says he engaged the dreaded "Sass Mode"... with the "Obnoxious Behavior Mode" around the same time he experienced a "Leaky Diaper / Runny Poo" fault.

The wife is sick... and she was late. Needless to say she didn't enjoy the attitide (and actions) the boy threw her way. She needed to vent. Perhaps I should have let her vent a little longer, but all I could think was: "A number of folks don't have the luxury of dealing with an obnoxious, sassy, pain-in-the-ass toddler anymore."

That's not to say the boy should get his way. That's not to say we should let him act out. That's not to say he shouldn't be punish. I just figured it might give her pause for thought and not be so rattled.

She's still sick. Now she's at home where she doesn't need to talk (she's losing her voice). She can dress very comfortably. She can drink as much water and eat as much hot soup as possible. She can also get hopped on sinus medication.

Hopefully she'll feel better tonight... and the boy will have improved his attitude.

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